Team Building

Laser Tag Team Building can happen either indoors or outdoors, we can use it to impart one or more of the following key learning values: leadership, planning and strategy, communication, adaptation & attitude.

Our mission scenarios will require teams to come out with a winning strategy. Leadership is important as specific duties are to be assigned to different members of the team. Due to varying requirements, a strategy that works well in a mission may or may not be suitable for another one. So the leader or the team will have to decide during the planning time allocated to each team.

Precise communication is another key factor that is crucial to a team’s success during laser tag team building. Each team member has to know his role and also be able to relate information to one another for decision making. Communication also comes in many forms, by getting pariticipants to engage in a stealth operation, we wll be able to emphasise on the importance of communication.

During the mission, participants may become aware of addiitional information that may require them to re-organise to accomplish the mission. The ability to recognise mistake and take on a different approach can sometimes make the difference between success and failure.

When faced with a challenging task, it is not only how much time, effort or the method we use to solve the problem that matters; sometimes, the attitude that we have a drastic effect on the results.

Laser Shootout offers an interesting new activity that we can use for corporate team building. Being a non-contact sport that can be carried out indoors or outdoors, plus the fact that we can customise how physical we want the programme to be, we are able to involve staff who are both young and old, outgoing as well as those who are slightly more reserved.

Over the years, we have even conducted this programme for a few ladies who are expecting (of course they were not running around with the big guns). Given the right roles, they were also able to contribute to the team.

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