Anergy Laser Shootout uses imported high quality laser tag equipment from Europe. All equipment are made of metal, with a red-dot scope attached. Each gun also comes with 3 colored infra-red sensors attached to a wire and another clear sensor on the “barrel” of the gun itself.

These laser tag guns are manufactured with high standards of safety and quality and are designed for realistic wargame simulation purposes. All our equipments do not involve any form of physical projectile, meaning NOTHING PHYSICALLY flies out of the barrel when you fire, it only emits infra-red beams, which are detected by the sensors on your “enemy”.

This makes our guns one of the SAFEST WAR GAME equipment in Hong Kong, and the ONLY one that has capablity to operate undre broad daylight. The range of our guns are about 60 to 120 METERS, depending on the daylight brightness. They are also of realistic weight (about 2kg to 3kg plus) & most importantly, the number of rounds in each “clip” or “magazine” and the number of magazines per gun is also electronically monitored, making it the most realistic non-contact war game simulation available in Hong Kong.

All our guns are also equipped with a memory chip that allows you to review who has shot you how many times after each game. This will tell you who to get even with in the next game!

Red Dot Scope


All our guns are fitted with a red dot scope that helps you aim right on target whether you are in an indoor or outdoor environment, in bright or dim light conditions.


Impulse (the ultimate MP-5 look alike)

The Ultra light weight modified Impulse is finally here! It is the most portable weapon of the lot with its extremely small size and weight of almost 2kg! It is ideal for children around 6-8 years old. It also comes with an additional forehand grip for a more even weight distribution. We are proud to be the first site in the world to own this modified version customised to meet the needs of younger children. The impulse weighs only 1.7kg with the scope removed for the younger participants.



The Razor is the smallest weapon in our arsenal, weighing about 2.3 kg, with a body length of about 30cm, it is one of the most popular choice for most children and ladies. The razor has an outdoor range of about 60 to 80m!



The XM is an excellent mid-range weapon, and it comes with an adjustable stock for handling comfort. It weighs slightly 2.2kg and has an outdoor range of about 80 to 100m.




Weighing about 3kg with a body length of 72cm (with the stock folded), the Charger is the largest weapon in our armoury. It is designed like a sniper rifle, with range of up to 120 meters under borad daylight. It does 4 damage points instead of just one, which means you can take down your opponent in just 1 or two shots. The Charger comes in handy as support weapon especially in an open environment.