Anergy Laser Shootout!

Laser Shootout! has arrived in Hong Kong! Our  laser shootout division here was launched in Mar 2009, here at Anergy, we are excited that this game is now available in Hong Kong. Laser Tag wargame is a family friendly game, being child safe as it involves no projectiles, it is an ideal family outing, birthday party and corporate team building activity.

Anergy has experience in organising corporate teambuilding and training programmes and events, kids birthday parties and fun shootouts for mixed groups.

Anergy has been involved in Laser Tag activities as early as 2005 and has help popularise it in Singapore. With the help of venue partners, Laser Shootout is now available to residents in Hong Kong Island, New Territories, Lantau Islands and Kowloon area.

One of the biggest advantage of our laser tag game is that we are mobile. We are able to bring our gears and obstacles to a place that is near you so that you have have your party exactly where you want it to be. We are glad to announce that we have found another venue that can allow us to hold our laser tag game at night!

The WTS rooftop soccer court is designed for playing soccer, but it’s powerful flood lights and artificial turf makes it highly suitable for our laser tag game.

Rental of the venue is also not extrememely expensive, in the region of $250 to $400 per hour depending on the time of day and whether it is weekday or weekend.

How do I know when I am Shot?

That is a good question since we all know that infra-red light is invisble to the human eye. So what happens when you get shot? Nothing physical happens to you, but the sensors on the gun will detect the light from your opponent’s gun (which was fired at you) and it will flash once. At the same time, the gun will let out a loud noise. Also, the screen which displays your remaining number of lives will reduce by 1 (we are assuming that you have more than 1 live when you are shot).

Usually, during game play, players will realise that they are shot from the noise they hear from their guns as they will not have time to check whether their sensors are blinking or look at their screen.

Age Restriction

To play laser shootout, you need to be at least 5 years of age, there is not up side limit for this game as long as you are physically healthy and is able to carry a gun made of metal that weighs about 2 kg. For children that are younger than 5 years old, an adult will need to be with the child to help him carry the gun as it is likely too heavy for a child younger than 5 years old.

If you are physically healthy but do not exercise often, you are welcome to play this game but please do not force yourself too much and take a break if you feel tired.

Laser Shootout is a non-contact sport – which means, it is a type of sports. If you suffer from severe asthma or any heart or coronary condition or any other medical condition that limits you from participating in exercise that are physically strenuous like street soccer, basketball or netball, you should not be participating in this exciting game.